CCT Tapes is a well established supplier to the appliance market. We have a broad product line, which continues to grow into new applications.

Our foam tape solutions are engineered with a variety of chemistries to provide performance on a variety of substrates. We provide foam tapes that attach rubber seals to refrigerator doors to help contain air and moisture and minimize noise and vibration for improved appliance efficiency.

In addition to decorative trim and badges, our single and double coated PSA tapes perform many other functions including, bonding exterior surfaces, mounting panels and displays and securing small parts to make sure the final product is assembled and built to last.

Noise & Vibration
Our foam tapes are widely used to reduce the inherent noise and vibration in many appliances, and make the home a quieter place. We also provide many double coated and transfer tapes that can be laminated to other foams at the fabriactor.

In addition to insulating against noise, our tapes are ideal for attaching thermal insulation materials inside freezer and refrigerator cases.

Gaskets made with CCT tapes are a long time preference for many assemblers due to their superior performance, reliability, and the ability to tailor performance to allow secure attachment to a broad range of substrates.

Nameplates and Component Attachment
Durable, long term bonding of your brands nameplate, instruction and information plaques and internal components are critical for brand awareness, providing user information and ensuring reliable operation. CCT tapes will ensure these items remain in place for the lifetime of the appliance.

Shipping and Packaging Protection
Temporary securement of components and accessories during transit is critical to your product arriving undamaged and in pristine condition. Our tapes can provide the attachment you need for a wide range of materials.