CCT Tapes is a well established supplier to the medical device industry. We have a broad product line, which continues to grow into new applications.

We partner with OEMs as well as convertors to create high performing, innovative materials for skin attachment, wound dressing and other device applications. We supply foam tapes, double coated products, non-woven tapes, polyurethane films and other films using a range of medically approved and tested adhesives. Our products are widely used in electrodes, surgical drapes, IV fixation and wound management.

If the medical tape application you are interested in is not listed below, please contact us. Our product line is always growing and we also produce many custom products.

Device Assembly
Our broad range of products and technologies contains many options for device assembly – helping to create secure seals, protect vital components and ensure reliable operation for the lifetime of the device.

Polyethylene foam tapes provide the conformability needed to produce reliable electrodes for EKG and TENS applications. These products use hypoallergenic adhesives with proven skin attachment ability. This ensures that electrodes made with CCT foam tape stay securely in place.

Incise Dressings and Surgical Drapes
CCT produces high moisture-permeable, thin film tapes that provide secure fixation for drape-to-skin contact applications. Our products are also used in the assembly of various surgical drapes. Included in our product range are highly breathable, conformable films capable of providing extremely high MVTR values.

IV Fixation
Secure and comfortable attachment of IV equipment is critical to patient well-being and comfort. CCT offers a versatile range of products including breathable films and non-wovens to allow various attachment options.

Skin Fixation
Any dressing that remains in contact with the skin for several days has to overcome a range of challenges; it must not cause irritation or sensitization whilst also remaining securely in place without edge lift. We produce products suitable for many of these applications that can be safely worn on the skin for multi-day durations.

CCT produces a variety of tape constructions that adhere firmly to prevent leakage for ostomy devices.


Medical Products Catalog
Click here to download a copy of our Medical Products Catalog.
Medical Products Catalog
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