Automotive and Transportation

CCT Tapes has a long history as a supplier of tapes for automotive and other transportation applications. In the automotive industry, our products have been approved against many specifications from industry OEMs such as Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan and more. CCT products are not only found in cars – we have products that are used in off-road vehicles, recreational vehicles, trucks, boats, and rail cars for example.

Our products are widely used in dash and interior assemblies, HVAC systems, seats, decorative applications and more. With years of experience in pressure sensitive tapes and bonding applications, we are a valuable resource that is often utilized by design engineers in the automotive industry.

Automotive Specs
For a copy of the most current list of automotive specifications that our products meet, please click here.
Designed for heat shield assemblies in the automotive market, this double coated tape is capable of withstanding high temperatures and many chemical exposures. You can download more information here.

Some of the applications our tapes can be found in include: